Saturday, November 12, 2011

Who's Rules Are They, Anyways?

Legalism - Rules? Is there much difference, both in the secular & religious world? Rules are necessary, right? But when do they become legalistic? What is the difference? When someone says, "legally you can't do that", it kind of scares us, right? but does that mean that a man or men made the rule a law and that's why it's illegal, or did the people decide it? Not all rules are law, right? So do w...e have to obey the rules? but whose rules? Here is what it boils down to:

When I was a kid, the one who owned the only basketball in town made the rules, and if you didn't like them, you had 3 options, 1) you could just not play and go home, 2) you could play, but play dirty or 3) you could beat the owner up and take his ball and then you make the rules!!! BUT, then you become the one who sets the standards, whether leaner or stricter, you have just replaced the person you didn't like. You have become the legalist, because now it's your way or the highway!!!

This is what has crippled the TV Ministries, example Jack Van Impe's standing up to TBN. But the new network he went to has rules as well. So what I'm getting at is this, unless you're the man, you have to follow laws and rules, but you try to find a place of employment, of leisure or even a church that best fits your thinking (for most, less laws or rules).

By the way, if you are the man, be careful that you don't burden down the masses with to much of the law, just because you can, example, our elected officials.

Hope that helps. ~ Cochise