Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Were Given The Authority!!!

Men love your women as much as Christ loves the church, be willing to die for her. Women, let your man lead your home and respect his decisions, pray with him, that he will take you in the right directions. He will have to answer for those decisions, not to you but to God. Just let him be the man and watch what happens. This is biblical!!!

Men STEP UP!!!! It's time you take your home back!!! It is yours and you need to get busy doing what is right. READ THE WORD!!! Don't be a bully, be a lover but not a wimp!!!! Get off the side lines and get BACK INTO the game. Quit being a wuss, stop relinquishing your authority and get your man parts out of your wives purse. ~ Truthfully, Cochise

You Can't Tame A Man's Heart!!!

Back in the early 1900's men could not go to a sporting event WITHOUT getting involved, whether it was a boxing match, a football game etc., it was our nature, our untamed heart. We wanted to be a part of what was going on in that ring, and on the field, but now we set back and watch a stadium filled with 80,000 people in dire need of exercise watching 22 men on the field in dire need of rest and... we are happy. What happened? Man's heart is an adventurist heart, an untamed heart, we want to be wild, what happened?

TV commercials have made the man look like fools and wimps, having to GET PERMISSION from the women before we can do or go anywhere. Women libbers have cried and want control, well that's not biblical.. A man's adventurist heart should be shared with his women, not tamed by some "silly women being lead astray" by the enemy and his crowd. WHERE ARE THE MEN??? I'll tell you where, they are tired of fighting, and have relinquished their authority to the woman, and hard as she tries to lead the home, it will never work. ~ Cochise

P.S. You women that would argue this, remember, don't roll up on me for a fight of words of opinions, I'm basing my thoughts on the Word. If you don't believe the Bible, this is all moot to you, so save your breath. Arise men, and take your rightful God given place in the home.

Strength Gone Bad!!!

From the book "Wild At Heart"

"Achievers are a socially acceptable form of violent men (people), overdoing it in one way or another. Their causalities tend to be their marriages, their families and their health. Until a man (person) faces this honestly, and what's really behind it, he'll (they'll) do great damage." John Eldredge

Words in parenthesis are mine, as I feel this is just as pertinent to women as well. ~ Cochise