Monday, February 11, 2013

How Revival Truly Comes!!!

Why are you in this?

Even though the captain of the ship asked Jonah what his occupation was, it doesn't mean preaching is an occupation, rather it's a CALLING!

The Cross!

When you carry the cross, it is a one way trip!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013


I'm sick of this low living. I am a child of "the" King, His rich, red, royal, redemptive blood runs through my forgiven veins..........though humbled to be His, I'm proud He's mine. I ruined my witness here for over 5 years, I'm sick about it......................I knew better. I made a fool of myself, and shamed my beliefs. I'm so sorry for all I did, but those days are behind me..........I'm back & have been for 3 years now, to being that adoptive child to the King of kings. Forgive me Lord & all of you who saw me at my worse.

Hades Isn't Hell

When a man dies his body goes back to the earth from which it came, his life (breath) stops, then his spirit, the one thing that separates us from other animals & that lives eternally, will go to a place called Hades. Hades isn't Hell, rather it is a realm for disembodied spirits, and there are 3 parts of Hades, 1, is Paradise, that's were Jesus told the thief on the cross that repented and asked for forgiveness would go, and Jesus said to him, that today he (the thief) would be with Him in paradise. (Luke 23:43). 2, is a place of torment, that's where the rich man went when he refused to help Lazarus (read Luke 16). Lazarus went to Paradise, the rich man went to the place of torment. Neither had bodies but they recognized each other, and the rich man even saw Abraham there. 3, there was a great gulf that separated the 2 places, and they could not cross to and from. They made the choice to be where they are, by what they did while alive here on earth. Neither of these places are the permanent abiding place of the dead, they are both a foretaste of what each will encounter after the second coming of Christ, when our spirit will be reunited with our bodies, as the grave gives them up. Those now in Paradise will be taken to the Judgement seat of Christ, and judged for their actions after they were saved, (II Corinthians 5:10) and then they will enter into a new Heaven (Garden Of Eden), where there will be no pain, no sorrow, no tears,etc. Those in the place of torment will be taken from there to the Great White Throne judgement, and this is where they will see that their names WERE NOT written in the Lambs Book Of Life (Revelation 20) and then cast in to what the Bible refers to as a Lake of Fire. There it is, the simple truth, look it up. ~ Big Love, Cochise

Amos 8:11

Not a famine of food, water, sense or nonsense, but a famine of the Word will one day come. A day when there will be no more comfort nor hope, as those who believe will be killed or gone, though He will leave a small remnant, but they will be few................and when IT all comes tumbling down, there will no place to go, no comfort, no sympathy, no place to hide......................for 7 years. Men want men like me to shut up, and one day I and all others will. The "real" church will be no more!!! Just buildings, with no Spirit & no Rest...........filled with seekers, but nothing to be found. How will it feel to experience a famine of hearing the words of the Lord? Peace ~ Cochise P.S. Memorize as much Bible as you can, for one day It will be no more. Satan is sitting up a world stage of puppets, that will work together to rid the earth of all things good, and Bibles will be destroyed..........all you will have if you don't make it out on the first train, is what you have memorized when you where in Vacation Bible School or the couple of times you went to church or read a pastor's words. But why wait until it's to Him now, while He may be found & accept His promises. II Corinthians 1:20 "For every one of God's promises are "YES" in Him". ~ James (Not Joel)