Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What utter confusion!!!

People see God as someone they feel they have to give gifts to, in order to receive His blessings. Personally I think that sounds more like what a Rock Star or Politician wants. People follow and kiss these people's butts so they can get a little recognition or a pat on the back, (maybe). It's like, "Man, if I chase after these rich pompous asses long enough, they may smile at me someday." Of course I have never been a groupie of anyone's. Whether it's the prez or the pope, they put their britches on (I think the pope wears pants) one leg at a time, just like me! That's why some folks don't like me in the mag business, because I never exalted nor edified one laborer above another, not even the check writer. And that's why some pastors dislike me, because I wouldn't put them on a pedestal.........above their congregation. They forget that verse that says, "We must decrease, so that HE must increase". (Oh Lord, couldn't we all use a little dose (or two) of repentance & humility!!!) Well, God ain't like that Homey. He is more like a parent. You know the ones that take care of you and loves you regardless of your mess ups. I'm sure there are exceptions, but a normal mom or pop doesn't want your gifts, they want you!!! So, you need to see God as your Parent, not as Axle Rose, Mick Jagger, Justin Beanbag, or Two Quarter ($0.50). He is rich and needs NOTHING. I mean what can you GIVE Him that He doesn't already own??? How about it mother, father, what would you rather have from your babies, a $20 gift card to Wally World, a new blender, a sweet checkered tie OR a visit and some time with your off springs? Think about it!!! Cochise Chops P.S. No you're not an Atheist, your a Polytheist (look it up)!!!