Thursday, December 26, 2013

Set Free @ The No Name Saloon!!!

"You are strong in what you do, & I believe that what you're doing is unmistakably remarkable!" (From a young man that attended our Church Service Sunday at the No Name Saloon!!!)

"I was just talking to Morgan last night about being a part of set free, what you did yesterday (@ No Name Saloon) was huge!!!"

"Mike asked me yesterday how it went and I said well... I think it could not have went any smoother, he made a grown man cry at a bar. I think something hit that guy yesterday man. Whether it stays or goes you definitely struck a nerve."


Melonnie (the owner of the bar)..........."Can't wait until the next one!" (Which will be January 19th, 2014)

These are comments sent to me via facebook this morning, after yesterday's Christmas Evening Service at the No Name Saloon. I brag on God only, here, but I must say, the attendance and out come far exceeded what I thought.

Eph. 3:20-21

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

It has been a great weekend! I thank God for putting it upon the hearts of these business owners to ask Set Free Daytona to come into their places and "preach" (BTW, that's what we's not a watered down nothing), and allows us full reign in whatever we want, in order to best get the Word of God presented.

When we go into these places, or what some would call "Behind Enemy Lines", not that the owners are our enemy, as they are definitely our allies, (you know WHO the enemy is), I tremble at times! I have spoken to several thousand people at once, back in the day, but when I do a service like the one we did yesterday, I get weak kneed, nauseated, and just plain scared at times, as I never know what we are going to encounter or who will perhaps jump up and rebuke me or want to start an argument. I mean there are people sitting just feet away from you drinking alcohol, and you can see some are pretty well lit up, but though I do get intimidated at times, they have always listened to me.

I know a few believers don't care much for the secular magazine that I publish from time to time, (though it is clean, and you know how some people can find fault with whatever they want to find fault with), yet I honestly believe it is through my 6 years of aggressive, printed opinions, (on God and politics), that as the owner of that little mag, it has propelled these people to show me utmost respect during times of ministry. God has used a "secular tool" to open up for Set Free Daytona, doors to share Christ with those readers, and yes that is who was there yesterday, our readers.

Now when we go into a place like this, we must be courageously humble, (though I was fearful I don't think I show ed it, as some bikers will see it and try you. Humility goes a long way, as does confidence!!!), and remember that we are on their turf. This is often a difficult task for aged believers, because they aren't use to seeing people drink beer while they are speaking or to hear some cuss words, but HEY, we are in their HOUSE!!!

Let me give you an example; one day we were feeding some folks at a well known homeless, drug dealing location, and one of the homeless people who was there (in his surroundings) said a cuss word and immediately was rebuked by one of our servers, honestly I'm not for sure ass is even a cuss word, but back to my point. My amigo looked at me and said, "That was quick, eh?", talking about the scolding of the cusser, then he said (and I had to chuckle on the inside), "I wonder if he (the server) would have done that at Lil Sturgis, when we are feeding all the bikers Sunday morning breakfast there, especially to one of club guys?" I didn't answer, but he and I knew that he wouldn't have. Even the biggest men know who to "line up" and who not to!

I say that to say this, when we serve and minister to people, no matter if they are a 1%er, and if you don't know what that is, look it up, or to a poor old homeless drunk, we need to show them respect, not being condescending towards anyone, and especially not in their home!!! And that's what Set Free's have always been about and will always be, as long as I am at the helm, and that's what we have done twice now, once at the World Famous Boot Hill Saloon and again at No Name, and because of our actions, God HAS blessed us!

So yesterday, about 10 regular Set Free people descended upon the No Name, with this courageous humility, and not only were we well received but 40 more came out to worship with us, some for that specific purpose, but many others came out of the bar to listen. With these godly traits I've mentioned, if you add unconditional love into the mix, people are not only going to pay attention, but they will get saved, and that's what we are all about.

It looks like this outreach will turn into a once a month gig for Daytona Set Free!!!

There will be no Bible Study this Wednesday, so we'll see you next Sunday, at 9:50am!!!

We are starting then to collect Blankets, new or used, socks, stocking hats, gloves and more shoes for "A Closer Walk Ministry" to give out to our local homeless here, so if you want to participate, please bring them to the church or call me. (386) 690-6290 Don't miss this opportunity to give!

Also, to our out of town/state people that have asked about donating money to Set Free, we will have a paypal account set up soon for that purpose, or you can mail a check to:

Set Free Church 201 Osceola Ave Daytona Beach, FL 32114

We thank you in advance.

Real quick, 2 more things. 1st we are sitting up an Administration Team to help pray about, put together, and solicit places for more outreaches, and 2nd, we are putting together a Set Free Posse, those who will commit to going out with us on these missions. If you are faithful, whether you are a believer or not or a Set Free regular or not, and we can count on you to roll with us into these places, let me know! It will entail setting up for the service and just hanging out!!!

Don't forget the beginning of the Real Men's Ministry on January 11th at Jakob's Well, 132 N. Beach St. Daytona!!!

God Bless, Cochise, Pastor Set Free Daytona

Psalm 84:10