Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shepherd or Pied Piper

Most pastors and preachers in today's society want to be popular they want to be well respected; they want their congregation and the people who listen to them to think very highly of them to call them good teacher or father or pastor so and so.

If a pastor has really been called by Jesus he has one purpose. And that purpose is to put people's hands in the hands of Jesus. His purpose is to say; "I am not the one who teaches you, it is the Holy Spirit of the LIVING GOD who teaches you."

What that pastor is doing is getting His congregation, his people not to follow him but to follow Jesus as he is following Christ, if in fact he is following Jesus.

The problem is many pastors are getting people to follow them. And people will say; "I have been following this man for ten years, he's such a good pastor. I've been following so and so and reading their books and listening to their sermons and getting their DVDs for the last 5 years." This is a problem.

Pastors need to be getting people to follow Jesus, not them. Again, the job of a pastor is to take people's hands and put their hands in the hands of Christ so they are then led by Jesus, and not by that pastor.

If a shepherd is doing the correct thing, he will lead you to Jesus, he will lead you to your knees and he leads you to start your relationship with the Lord Jess Christ.

So get on your knees, listen to HIM, don't listen to ANY pastor unless they are telling you to listen to Jesus.

May the grace of our Lord be with you. ~ Cochise

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cochise Chops

You Are Called To Go Down Into The Well OR To Hold The Rope For Those Who Go Down.........Either way, There Will Be Scars On Your Hands.

Where Are Your Scars? What Has It Cost You To Fulfill The Great Commission?

Pray About Supporting Us Who Do. Invest In Eternity. ~ Cochise


Listen my acquaintences, friends & brothers & sisters. I know most of you are not as vocal as me, when it comes to Chriatianity, maybe you are a secret disciple, and that's ok with me, as Joseph of Aramathea (the man who donated the tomb for Jesus was), but even in your closet you can still hold the rope for me.

The project above needs to come to fruition soon. Thank about helping me. ~ Cochise

Paul Washer

Prayer Page
We who minister in Christ’s name are not called to be spiritual life coaches, facilitators, or motivational speakers! We are preachers!

We must not fall away from our primary calling to know God and to make Him known. The study must not be barren or the prayer closet closed.

As ministers, we are called to use our days searching out God's mysteries & revealing them to others through the Word preached.

We are ministers of the Gospel. It is our stewardship, privilege & burden. Though we are earthen vessels, we carry a precious treasure.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

My Desire.

"Now also when I am old and gray headed, O God, do not forsake me,
Until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to
everyone who is to come." - Ps 71:18