Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daytona Beach, Florida

What a beautiful week we have had!!!! Stop in for a Dr. Pepper, if you're in the area.

Issue # 27

Picking up the newest issue of CHOPS today, and get them delivered. A couple of nice bikes in this one.

No Rush's Panhead & Black Sunshine Custom's Shovelhead................

..........and plenty of Bike Week Pics.

Have you subscribed yet???

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Worked On My '55 Chevy Today

And got some great ideas from a friend on how to lower it and some other cool tricks.

Getting ready to change rear end gears.....the 411 is killing us on gas..................looking for 323 or 308 ring and pinion. Anybody got one or know where one is (the whole hoghead would be nice.......already set up),

Want this to be a faithful driver!!! The cam is way to big.......I'm grateful to get a little time to work on many projects, but focusing on this one for awhile.

The whole family can go with me in this one.

New pics coming soon.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Will You Leave Your Zip Code This Year?

Where will you be riding to?

Movie Night

2 Adults
1 Child
1 Bag Of Candy
1 Pop Corn
1 Soda
1 Hour & 51 Minutes


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

It's been colder in Florida, but not for this long..........................but been nice the last couple of days.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Still Live Here............. my mind especially.

I've been very meloncholy (sp) this morning, and not for sure if this helped or hurt.

I live in the '70's, "today"................if I could turn back time for all of us................well here's a little start.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Things I Try To Do Everyday

1. Be Successful.

2. Stay On The Offense, Not On Defense.

3. Stay Focused.

4. Love Even When It Isn't Fun.

5. Thank God.

Widow Files Suit Against Harley-Davidson

Texas woman files wrongful death lawsuit after husband killed while riding defective motorcycle
FORT WORTH, Texas, March 16 /PRNewswire/

-- A Granbury, Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against Harley-Davidson after a crash on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle caused by a malfunctioning electronic throttle killed her husband. The woman was also seriously injured.

John DeBartolo purchased a 2008 FLHX Harley-Davidson motorcycle on March 15, 2008 from Longhorn Harley-Davidson in Grand Prairie, Texas. The next week the electronic throttle failed to operate properly. Mr. DeBartolo called Longhorn Harley-Davidson to notify them of the problem. The motorcycle was delivered to the dealership for repair. It was supposedly repaired and returned to Mr. DeBartolo on March 22, 2008.

On March 24, 2008, John and his wife, Cindy DeBartolo, were riding the Harley-Davidson southbound on FM 4 in Acton, Texas, when the electronic throttle malfunctioned and caused a loss of control of the motorcycle. John DeBartolo was killed and Cindy DeBartolo was seriously injured.

The lawsuit was filed in Tarrant County by Cindy DeBartolo against Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc., LHD Partners L.P. d/b/a Longhorn Harley-Davidson. The lawsuit includes allegations that the electronic throttle on the Harley-Davidson motorcycle was unreasonably dangerous and that Longhorn Harley-Davidson failed to properly repair the malfunctioning throttle.

"Harley riders should be able to rely on the safety of the design and manufacturing process and safe practices in the repair of their motorcycles," said attorney John David Hart of the Law Offices of John David Hart in Fort Worth, who represents Mrs. DeBartolo. "A dangerous, unsafe throttle on a brand new Harley-Davidson led to a needless death. Hopefully this lawsuit will lead to safety changes which will prevent another tragedy."

The Law Offices of John David Hart is a group of experienced and dedicated legal professionals working to protect the rights of people wronged by the acts of others. Across the country, the firm represents individuals in cases of catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, dangerous drugs, automobile and truck accidents, oil and gas and commercial litigation.

More information is available at

For more information, please contact John Hart at 817-870-2102 or

SOURCE The Law Offices of John David HartBack to top


Monday, March 22, 2010


1. Open a new file in your computer.
2. Name it 'Barack Obama'.
3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.
4. Empty the Recycle Bin.
5. Your PC will ask you: 'Do you really want to get rid of 'Barack Obama?'
6. Firmly Click 'Yes.'
7. Feel better? GOOD!

- Tomorrow we'll do Nancy Pelosi!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Point Of No Return!

Are we? Is this nation past that point of no return? Have we deviated to far away from the things, like morals, ethics and God in America to get back to where we were in the days of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and George Washinjgton? What started all this decay?

I personally believe the decline got it's greatest boost toward humanism during the "free love" hippy movement of the late sixties. The "do whatever feels good" days. The protesters started the rebellion!

Though I feel the Viet Nam war should have been stopped, (hell, we should never have been involved in the first place), but it was the first time in modern U.S. history that large crowds (Baby Boomers) openly defied the Man. Though I didn't agree with the idea of Nam, it was perhaps protested in a wrong way, thus weakening our leaders in the eyes of the world.

These same defiants are now running our country with the same reckless abandonment, of doing whatever feels good. In my opinion this was the beginning of the end. Liberals took over our country, and birthed a messed up ideaology of what is tolerable as far as the sexual movement, the political agenda and the way we are portrayed by the rest of the world goes.

The sexual thing has taken our country to a level of accepting and embracing the homosexual. I see men and women standing and applauding these people as heros when nthey "come out of the closet". Watch Rosie or Ellen Degenerate on TV and see how they are embraced. It makes me want to gag! We have U.S. Senators who are queer and we keep re-electing them, WTF???

The political agenda has now become nothing more than a thought that permeates "success". Spend millions to be elected to a half million dollar a year job, then become a millionaire in less than two years!!! Also, never give up your power and position even if you have to lie and cheat to keep it till you die. The majority of our elected officials are an embarrasment.

Because America has a conscience, we are perceived as weak, yet every frigging country that gets in trouble, either through war or disaster calls the good ole USA first for help, and we always oblige them. I was brought up to KNOW that you take care of those at home who are hurting first. I think we should pull out of the UN and ask some other country to host that mess.

I believe we should pull all troops back to America and post them on our borders, and let them hold a rifle in one hand and a sign in the other that says, "WE ARE FULL, GO HOME".

I pray for our country, but sometimes I truly believe we have gone past...............

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cultural Genecide In Dixie

By James Edwards
Of all the issues that animate me to action this one strikes to the very marrow of my bones. I will fight many battles in the court of public opinion, but when you denigrate the Confederacy and spit upon the South’s great legacy, you are attacking my family. And the day you attack my family is the day you’ll see me take to the streets.

We covered, at great length during our February 27 broadcast, the vicious attacks of Cultural Genocide being levied against Southern Heritage from the campus of Ole Miss. Playing their role in this unforgivable assault on our people is none other than the infamous Tuohy family, made popular in Hollywood by the film The Blind Side. We’ve provided ample commentary about the disturbing tenets of that film, so let us focus now on the issue at hand.

First of all, we should never forget that the South was RIGHT. There is no shame to bear. In fact, I consider myself having won the genetic lottery for God to have allowed me to come into this world as a Southern male and to have been born and raised in the former Confederate State of Tennessee. This birthright is something I wouldn’t trade for any amount of money. It’s an affirmation of pride that we all should share.

As I have made mention of before on The Political Cesspool, my great grandfather’s grandfather fought, and died, in service to the Confederate Cavalry at the Battle of Shiloh. As a child my parents would frequently take me to visit my great grandparents in Corinth, Mississippi, and I was lucky enough to have seen the blood-stained saddle that belong to my heroic ancestor so many years prior.

I was born 115 years after Lee’s surrender at Appomattox and I tell you that it is something deeply spiritual that comes over me when I hear Dixie being played. To this day my eyes still swell with emotion when I read of the gallant sacrifices those brave men made in their attempts to stave off Federal oppression and tyranny. It is, perhaps, a feeling that only a Southerner can truly know.

What is love if not loving your own family and standing at the ready to defend their honor when need be? That being said, I sit with fists clenched as I think about the Tuohy family, who are nothing more than jumped-up, self-hating White Trash, spending their time and money to lead the charge to remove Colonel Rebel from the groves of Ole Miss.

We must not surrender any more ground to those who wish to systematically remove every last symbol of that which makes the South so precious. As Confederate General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson was said to have remarked, “We must raise at once the black flag… No quarter to the violators of our homes and firesides.”

I implore, with every fiber of my being, for the students of Ole Miss, as well as Southerners everywhere, to always stand in ardent defense of the Confederacy and all it so righteously stood for. Don’t ever let those who hate us make you apologize, for we have nothing to apologize about. We were, and are, all too right. We must find that fierce determination that propelled our boys in gray, who were out manned and out supplied, but never out fought.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pastor Fluff

The Reverend John Fluff was the pastor in a small town in Ireland. Oneday he was walking down the high street when he noticed a young lady of his congregation sitting in a pub drinking beer.

The Reverend wasn't happy! He walked through the open door of the pub and sat down next to the woman. "Miss Fitzgerald," he said sternly - "This is no place for a member of my congregation. Why don't you let me take you home?" "Sure!" she said with a slur, obviously very drunk.

When Miss Fitzgerald stood up from the bar, she began to weave back and forth. The Reverend realized that she'd had far too much to drink and grabbed her arms to steady her. When he did, they both lost their balance and tumbled to the floor. After a few moments, the Reverend wound up on top of Miss Fitzgerald, her skirt hiked up to her waist.The pub landlord looked over and said, "Oy mate, we won't have any of that carrying on in this pub."

The Reverend looked up at the landlord and said, "But you don't understand. I'm Pastor Fluff."

The landlord said, "Ah well, if you're that far in, ye might as well finish."