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Second Best Biker Movie Ever.....Real Motorcycles

I Don't Care If You Like It Or Not......

I'm Old School. These two words have created a sore spot with some bikers that are involved in today's scene. A few have even debated whether they are really relevant or even cool anymore, especially regarding bikes. I remember a couple of years ago some guy wrote on a chopper forum that if he hears those words one more time that he was going to go postal on somebody, so being the asshole I am, I typed "old school cool" under his post, hoping that he would reply so we could kind of argue this overly used, but essential (to me) term.

I will agree that we have wore these words out in the last several years, but truthfully it is a great adjective for the way many in the motorcycle field feel about their past whether it's referring to bikes, cars, people or as for me "a way of life". I am old school!!! I live in the '70's today, and if I could do the "bewitched" thing (you know the nose twitching deal), I'd take us all back there to a day when shit was fun.

About the only things I would have changed was Nam, and keeping the hippies out (I'd left them back in the "60's, but that's another story). Things were real back then, like titty's (and I ain't got anything against fake ones), motorcycles, cars, men and especially bikers (I do have a problem with these fake ones.....HaHaHa).

If you are old enough, you will remember when the women back in the day were proud to be "just" a woman, that hung on the back of her ol man's scoot. She had long hair, wore tight tube tops, bell bottom Levi's and no bra and the only thing she shaved was her arm pits and sometimes her legs, depending on the weather and the time of the year. Girls were so much more fun before N.O.W. came along. The only benefit I saw (for men) that came from the women libbers movement was when they burnt their bras, we all agreed that that was a good idea, especially in cold weather, of course biker chicks didn't have any to burn.

And the cars in the seventies, I mean even your grandmother's ride was a muscle car compared to what evolved from the "greenies", (the new hippies). One day my mom had dropped me off at my buddies house when I was about 14, and though she didn't have a state issued driver's license, she was a pretty good wheel man. That day in particular, my bud hollered out to mom as she was pulling off, "let'er go"!!!, and she did, and she laid down a "one wheel peel" black mark for a good city block, the car? a 1960 Oldsmobile! Probably weighed 5,000 pounds, but it would run like a scolded ass ape. I loved the cars from the '60's & '70's.

And motorcycles were the thing, if you could afford one. Harley was dragged through the mud in the decade of AMF, but those bikes that were born prior to the decline in workmanship was the cat's meow. Panheads, Knuckles, Shovels, and the 900 Sporties ruled!!! Dudes were lengthening the frontends, putting down some serious molding and paint on frames and tins. Wild psychedelic paint on white pearl was the norm for where I lived, or shiny black on polished aluminum, (chrome if you could get your stuff in line at Brown's in Paducah, there was always a huge back up). Tall sissy bars, king and queen seats, highway bars, Z-bars, Sportster tanks and a hot babe on the back. Mercy, what a great time.

And the men were men back then. I had never heard of a "Guy Gay", until way in the '80's, maybe the 1990's. I'm thinking it wasn't something to be proud of then, and I don't think so even today, but hey, if that makes you happy, just stay away from me. Every time I hear someone say they are gay, the first thing that pops in my mind is, "You reckon he's the pitcher or the catcher......HaHaHa". Come on now, quit hating on me, remember the name of this column is "the way it was, and still should be".

Men were men, and women were women and you could tell then a part. Girls really liked being girls, well except for Bertha Bushrod who beat the shit out of me in the 7th grade. And men, well let's just say they wore the pants in the family and did a damn good job too. Of course they were the "bread winners" and the ones who disciplined the kids and the ones who took care of mom in a "special way", you know, like on Sunday afternoons when they locked themselves in the bedroom and told the children they were praying. My mom and dad prayed a lot, and I believe it was for more kids, because those prayer meetings brought forth my siblings.

Men didn't take no shit either. You disrespect him, you got punched. You disrespected his women you got hit twice. You bust on one of his kids, you got clubbed. You talked bad about his momma or daddy or tried to hurt them, you died. (Remember, Sling Blade???) But today, we have men with cell phones and computers and that's how they fight their fights. They "break bad" through typing or texting. These "bad boys" hide behind their camera phones with 911 on speed hit one of them after dissing you and they take your picture and call the police, what a fucking joke many men have become today, even some who came up during the '70's. Oh yeah, and if you take up for your self after being disrespected, then "today's guys" say you are a trouble maker and bring to much drama into their lives and they can't hang out with you anymore.

I saw a posting on one of my facebook buddies profiles, that read, "just bonded out of jail.........a lot of shit is about to follow", and that was it. Here were the responses, "you have my number, call me"........"where do I need to meet you to get this resolved".............."don't know what happened, but I got your back". These post were from men in their late 50's and early 60's and it made my day. TCB baby, TCB!!!

I'm not saying all the young cats are of "today's persuasion", cause I've met some in their twenties and thirties that will not take any shit, and I have many buddies that are above forty that can take care of business as well, but in most of today's settings, like the bar scene, it's the "plastic biker", the "hen pecked man" that will drop a dime on you in a heart beat. I use to meet this type daily, until I quit that "black hole slide", called bar hopping.

So hell yes I'm old school and I dig it the most. I could care less about an old school motorcycle, chopper or car, and especially an old school Betty, they mean nothing to me, cause you see being old school isn't a tangible thing, it's a lifestyle, the way you think and the way you carry yourself. I'm positive many people won't care for me or my attitude on this topic, nor my friend's who are like minded on the above subjects, but "that's the way it was and still should be".


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