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Helping Each Other/ Freedom Ride January 18th

It's really hard living in today's society, especially when you have been use to living by and with the simple things from the past, you know things little honesty, integrity and of course a man's word being his everything. Though it is more difficult now, there are still some good people around, it just takes longer to find them and for them to earn a little of your trust.

Since I started my magazine "Cochise CHOPS ", there has been at least three more that's started up, now I'm not for sure exactly how they are all doing financially with their ventures in this over crowded field of "Biker Magazines", but monetary wise, I'm struggling, yet that isn't going to slow me down, as if it's God's will to publish a magazine then it cannot fail. So why am I telling you this? Because I want you the reader to know that this is a hard way to try and make a living, and because the times are hard, I feel we should try to help each other. Maybe I can't write a check, (well I could, but it may bounce...HaHaHa) to help someone out, but I can do this, help them from time to time with their magazine. As I've stated before in CHOPS, I have no competition, as I do my own thing and let the chips fall where they may, and I believe each publisher should do the same. I'm not concerned with what Florida Biker Digest or Full Throttle is writing about or doing, because I have enough of my own work load and hardships to deal with, rather than spending a lot of my time thinking that "They" are getting all the business, etc. Believe me when I say that in this area of vocation, you have to just do your own thing and from time to time help a friend when you can, for you see what goes around comes around. Some call it Karma, I call it God's will. And that's why I'm writing this article for Scott of Beach And Biker Babes Magazine.

The first thing I noticed about his magazine, other than the girls, was his mag's focal point was geared more towards the Daytona Beach area lifestyle, which does include bikers, but not limited to. We have many rags that all they do is the motorcycle deal, and that's cool, but again, we are not all the same in our thinking and writing. Scott's focal point engulfs many ideas of our lifestyle here, and though he touches on certain bike happenings, he isn't stuck just there. It's the same with my publication, which offers you a variety of subjects to examine, like old cars, old trucks, old bikes, and old people, all that are not politically correct, amen? My objective today is to give Beach And Biker Babes a little more depth in the motorcycle scene, not because I'm an expert, but just because that's where my mind is right now. He has given me the green light to write on what I want, so I chose my favorite subject, FREEDOM. Oh yeah, I need to mention that if you purchase a full page ad in Scott's magazine, we will put a business size ad in mine, and vice a verse.

Anyway, last month we had a Freedom Ride that started at Mosquito Cove in Port Orange and went South to Earthquake Magoons. I counted about 70 bikes at the Cove, and I believe approximately 50 rolled out with us. (It was funny as riders wanted to know where they needed to pay their money for the ride. I just laughed, not at them but at the mind set we have established here in Florida, a place where it seems people are always charging something to do nothing). We were not protesting anything in particular, rather we were trying to birth an embryo of men and women who are sick and tired of the anti biker laws here in Florida, and hoping that that embryo will grow and give birth to a large body of people who ride motorcycles and that vote.

On this first ride we didn't break any laws, rather we just had a peaceful 20 minute ride, to let those who showed up see that we have a right to ride together, and to also give us some insight on how this American right to peacefully rebel doesn't make you a bad person. I wouldn't be afraid to say that at least 30 people came up to me at Earthquakes and asked, "When is the next one? I want to call some friends and invite them." And though I had invited some elected officials, none showed up, but I believe as we progress in the months ahead that we will be noticed by those, with whom we pay their salaries, and I'm not speaking of just police officers, who many are just as confused about the newest anti-biker malarky as we are, in particularly the vertical plate fine of $1,000.00.

We have planned the second Freedom Ride for January 18th, on a Sunday, so more people can come out and join us. Though the details are not totally complete as of this writing, we will be getting out flyers soon or you may call Scott here, or me at (386) 690-6270. We will be starting at a public place somewhere around Daytona and ride South. Believe me Destination Rossmeyer's doesn't need anymore business or recognition, so we'll ride South, maybe even to my new building where I publish the magazine. If any bars or businesses want to get in on this, like offering up their place, you need to call soon, and of course advertisers will be given TOP priority. If a place is to big or important to advertise, then they don't need a hundred or more people there drinking and eating, remember, I'm for the little, local man. If our Freedom Rides bring you business, then you should be appreciative and offer the riders a little something, even if it's a Save A Lot cola and a hot dog.

The Freedom Rides are free, but we do need to get riders to join ABATE, if they don't already, so we need someone present to sell memberships. If we end up at my place, Scott says he will help me furnish you all a meal, so right now we are trying to nail down a good starting place. I feel by including this magazine and any others it will only broaden our cause, and get the word out that we are fed up with these bull shit, uncomprehendable laws, made up and enforced by pompous ass politicians that not only doesn't know a moped from a motorcycle, but also their arses from a hole in the ground. Let's work together to get this ignorant vertical license plate FINE overturned. If we need to run only horizontal plates that's cool, it's the fine that is the dumbest nonsense I've experienced in my life time. And I can say, in closing, that many people out of state have already said they will not be back here because of this agressive law, but would spend their money in Myrtle Beach, Laconia and Sturgis instead.

As I wrote in another article last month, if Florida's higher echelon of overpaid elected officials, here in the Sunshine State doesn't want "bikers" then just put signs up at the borders that say, "Motorcyclist, We Don't Want You Or Your Money. Go Home." Because that is exactly what the $1,000.00 fine for a stupid vertical license plate is saying.

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