Monday, July 19, 2010

For the first time in my life I am angry at my government for the current state of law enforcement. The current mindset that police have, where they view everyone as a criminal, is against everything our system of laws was designed to prevent.

Written articles on an oppressive government and expansion of police powers that lead to abuse, have been written about for years. I mostly ignored the warnings until now. Of course, "now" is too late since you can't get through the day without breaking one law or another.

Getting justice is nothing more than an exercise in the wealthy buying it, while the poor get to taste how vengeful it is. I've been hearing that comment for years and blowing it off, also.

If I don't change my views I can see four walls and steel bars in my future!

I hope they give me an X-Box i, so I can smash the $%^&*!) thing against the bars! HAHAHA

From A Faithful Reader

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