Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cycle Source Article For Nov. '10

Somewhere in the past I heard a person say that we in America do not have to worry about Big Brother taking away our freedoms as much as we need to be concerned about the little snitches with cellphones, outfitted with cameras. Law enforcement people now have a million eyes working for them, because of modern technology like hand held computers, cell phones and the new age, weak kneed, pansy ass, scared to death, liberal, nosey busy bodies who think they are doing our country a great service by ratting out every infraction (in their eyes) to the Po Po, via their picture taking, 911 (on speed dial) mobile phone. It's like they are trying to earn their junior G-man badge by skipping the regular way of obtaining the plastic chest ornament by buying Cracker Jacks or sending in 10 proof of purchase box tops from Kellogg's, and moving right to the top of the list by playing cop.

Barroom brawls have been a part of American history from the beginning, probably since the first pub served the white man a beer at the Plymouth Rock and Roll Bar back in the 1700's. Drinking and fighting go together like beer belly's and no ass on middle age men, like good looks and no sense on most runway models, like Bill and Monica lying on the Oval Office's floor. Alcohol fuels the fire that smolders in the soul of men, and because it does we do become a little more rowdier and quiet a bit more vocal. Then when you mix in a cup or two of machismo, and add (take your pick) a scantly clad women who flirts with with more than one man in a bar, or some dude walking around with sunglasses on in a bar at night and every man in there just knows the guy's eye f@#king him (even though the cats blind) or one person bumps another person on the dance floor or wherever, the fights on. When everyone's hitting on all cylinders (buzzed up on booze) and if one person out of a hundred does one little biddy, tiny bit of looking at anyone in a wrong manner, "Katie bar the door", cause we're about to fight.

I mean back in the day, before we had big, beefy, burly bouncers posted at every door and all around the band floor, (which I don't disagree with now that I'm older and good for only about 45 seconds of scuffling these days), fights were an hourly occurrence among bar patrons, whether it was at a disco, where bikers and cowboys threw beer cans at the polyester suited crowd or in the little neighborhood tavern just down the street where the old man was kicking his son's ass for disrespecting a vet, shit it just happened. Then when it was over, it was over for the most part. You had some that held grudges, but the majority of people usually let it go and everyone was back in the tavern the next day, fueling up again. Those where the days, making friends the hard way.

Today, it's a different story, example; a loud mouth and his buddy comes into the local pub and starts flirting with/harassing the barmaid. She's use to it and puts up with it and even throws a couple sharp verbal jabs their way, but after awhile two patrons are getting tired of listening to the smart ass remarks that the loud mouth is now vomiting out towards everyone sitting at the bar, so they get up and start towards the big mouth. The bartender intercedes and said she has it under control, but the defenders of the bar's aura keeps heading towards this "interrupter of their peace and quiet". The overly mouthy and drunk man, isn't scared and stands his ground. The bad mouthing starts and lasts for a good five minutes, with each man getting a little closer and louder. The barmaid is telling her two "heroes" to sit down she has it covered (two young male bar employees are watching and ready to escort anyone out that needs it), and to her surprise the two defenders take a seat and a few minutes later the drunk is lead to his ride by the bar bouncers. Now here's the twist, one of the men that wanted to come to the aid of the barmaid felt that the loud mouth wasn't punished enough, dials 911 and the cops show up, and several things happen after that, but most importantly, the bar's business went to pot, why? Because no one wanted to come into or stay at a place were Mr. Policeman was. And the "dime dropper", well he was asked to not come back into the bar ever again as he brought unnecessary heat down on them, after the situation was defused. Cell phone abuse and snitches, they just go hand in hand.

One more example; I had just gotten out of the hospital from a heart cath and back then they still put the big bandage (patch) on your leg that sealed your main artery after the invasion. Bianca, Boogie & myself were out riding and decided to stop and see my friend who owned a bar downtown. (I'll make this short). As we were leaving, a buffed up young man, much taller than me, hit me with his shoulder for no reason, I later found out he had just got out of jail and was "cranked" up. I was limping from the surgery and didn't need to break that bandage loose, so I let it go and keep walking away. This didn't suffice the bully and he started a verbal attack on me, so I backed up pulled my knife and went for him, he ran and I chased him dragging my freshly cut leg down the middle of the street. The next thing I know the cops are after me, because they had five 911 calls saying a biker was chasing a man down Main trying to cut him with a knife. After much talk and the bar owner interceding, they let me go, but again cell phones got involved and it made a victim look like the aggressor. Just like in ball games, the Ref never sees the first punch, only the retaliation smack down, and who gets the penalty?

My point of this writing is this, don't be a snitch! Keep your cell phone in your pocket while out on the town. If you see something that really needs reporting, make sure you see the "whole" deal, before running your mouth to the cops. Basically the police don't want to come to bars, because it puts them in harms way, hey drunks are brave men, they would rather you work it out or let the bouncers deal with it, less paper work and the bar isn't scarred and the employees are earning their dough and all is fine. Nobody likes a snitch, not even the cops.

In closing, remember this one thing, back in the day men fought each other with fists, but with present day technology you can't do it that way anymore and walk. If you justifiably strike a person after being provoked, some snitch (probably the person you hit) WILL drop a dime on you. And because of this new "way of life", it has given people that doesn't like you the opportunity to gig you forever and get away with it (or they think). Because of snitches and our pussified way of life here in America today (thanks hippies, greenies and rank ass liberal politicians) this acceptable behavior and what the aforementioned deem "cultured", allows these "cowards" to hound you, harass you, slander you and basically make your life a living hell. They want you to hit them, they want you to react, so they can drop that dime, remember the law is on their side, and all Big Brother sees (and I believe cares about) is the retaliation (they say you should have called them to handle it, but you and I know that doesn't work). These wimps do have 911 on speed dial and they know how to use it. They want you locked up, they want you to have to spend your grocery money on a lawyer. They are scared punks that use the system to protect their weak ass lives.

Listen, be patient, their day will come. Because you and I both know that people like this have to be looking over their shoulders every moment they are awake. And one day, they'll forget and leave that phone at home and forget where they are walking into and..................then we will convert back, "to the way it was and still should be".


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Marty said...

Although I have never been in a bar fight or any other kind for that matter I cannot agree with you more. I was in the Carnival biz for nearly 2 decades and we always solved our own issues... without police involvement. Things just got "taken care of" and the bad guy usually didn't do something stupid any more.
Cell phones didn't exist then though, I'm sure things aren't the same any more behind the Midways of the world.