Monday, June 16, 2014

Come Back!!!

School is in session for me today. I'm never to old to learn, and I have the most awesome Teacher that has ever lived. He came to me in August of 1983, and in most of those 30 plus years I have at times listened intently to Him, and have been greatly educated in the things of this life, as my education was preparing me for the a new life (eternal) to come.

But there has been times, as in high school, were my body was sitting in the class room, yet my mind was far, far away, that I just wasn't listening and definitely wasn't learning. My Professor today knows, just as a few select school teachers from years ago knew, when and when I wasn't paying attention to their heeding to better educate me. Thank God though, many of those public servants never gave up on me, they just kept on laying out much needed advice, secretly hoping I would grasp what I could while being in a mental stupor, and my class room Educator of today does the same even now.

My present Teacher, knows me better than I know myself, (kind of like my 6th grade teacher in elementary school (Mrs. Francis Cohron) and my New Testament professor (Dr. George Redding) in college), because He made me and He knows me, both of me, the good person and the weak man.

For those few years that I wasn't out in the waters of life helping my brothers and sisters in Christ, who were frantically trying to rescue the perishing from the strong satanic rip currents which were pulling them out deeper and deeper into positions of sure death. In those times of being back slide, I only sit on the shore watching both the lost be sweep away into an eternal abyss and the other Believers wearing themselves out going from drowning person to drowning person, placing saving and loving arms around the doomed, begging them to hold on and to listen, as they were sharing with them how to save themselves from the grasp of the enemy, and I just watched as those "life guards" would periodically look back to the shoreline with anxious countenances upon their faces, at me, saying, "Come back in, we need the help". And though I didn't budge from my position of disobedience, my Savior never pushed me back into the water, though He knew at one time I would wade out as deep as anyone, that I was a prolific soul winner. Rather, He would just whisper in my ear, and say, "I miss you and they need you".

One day, my Teacher sent two old friends, that lives a thousand miles away to come see me, and believe it or not, we were on the beach, just walking, when one of them (Jimbo Webb) said to me, "What are you doing anyway"? It wasn't a specific question, but I knew exactly what he was asking. The next morning, I went back to the beach, the spiritual one, and said to my Teacher, "Forgive me for being in a spiritual coma for these last few years", and I stepped off into the water once again.

Each day I get deeper. Each day I am being retaught and given new revelations. Each day I thank Heaven for the "Other One" that Jesus sent to earth for us, as a Comforter and a Teacher, after He ascended to the right hand of the Father. (John 14:12-21)

I am forever grateful for another shot at this, and for my salvation and calling. Thank you Holy Spirit, my Teacher. ~ Pas Cochise

Psalm 84:10

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