Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Pisses Willie Off

1. People who say we don't deserve cheap gas, because gas has been high in Europe for years. This is America not Europe!
2. People who say we should all ride scooters or go cart cars because they get better mileage.
3. People who tell me how great a place Canada or Europe is to live. Well go the hell back there if you like it so much.
4. People who piss and moan but never vote or those that only just believe the media's every word, like lost sheep.
5. People who think gun control works.
6. People who want everybody to think the same. No independent thought process.
7. People who honestly think that politicians do not lie.
8. People who really believe that the two party system works.
9. People who really do not think that Walmart has not been the biggest importer of Chinese goods.
10. Then there is the crowd of tree huggers who blame the auto industry for global warming and for ever other damn thing, yet there is no concern that China destroys everything and the same people wants to give a big chunk of the USA TO THEM!!!
11. People who believe there is a gas shortage, listen we have plenty, but the environmentalist wont let people drill in or around the USA yet there is no concern that China drills of the coast of Florida.
12. People who think taking GOD and discipline out of schools was good for America.
13. People who don't think we are in a world of shit, and those who think this whole thing is not caused by greed, and driving prices sky high.
14. And people that says something about you riding your gas eating Stroker or your SUV, and those who say you live in a too big of a house with a garage bigger than you need, and those who ask why do you need 4 Harleys or a few guns or you eat to much and you want to watch sports on the big screen? Just remind them this is America and if you want it, you pay for it. We are assured the right to pursue happiness!!!! So tell them to go hug some more trees. God Bless America!!!

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