Sunday, December 20, 2009


For me, ( your new wab page)it is a refreshing entry into the cyber world. I will continue to support you and the magazine, as it provides a great source of amusement to me and reading some of your "editorials" is always interesting.

You certainly provide a much more intriguing facet of the biker world than that bunch of idiots on the The Horse(s)(ass). Keep up the good work.

It is apparent that we share much the same philosophy, in spite of our divergent backgrounds. But I have found that to be the norm in the true "biker" world, whether many of us realize it or not. Bikers are much like nickel-plated gold coins. You don't really know what you got with one until you scratch the surface. Stay well and good luck with your endeavors.

C. Haygood

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