Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Point Of No Return!

Are we? Is this nation past that point of no return? Have we deviated to far away from the things, like morals, ethics and God in America to get back to where we were in the days of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and George Washinjgton? What started all this decay?

I personally believe the decline got it's greatest boost toward humanism during the "free love" hippy movement of the late sixties. The "do whatever feels good" days. The protesters started the rebellion!

Though I feel the Viet Nam war should have been stopped, (hell, we should never have been involved in the first place), but it was the first time in modern U.S. history that large crowds (Baby Boomers) openly defied the Man. Though I didn't agree with the idea of Nam, it was perhaps protested in a wrong way, thus weakening our leaders in the eyes of the world.

These same defiants are now running our country with the same reckless abandonment, of doing whatever feels good. In my opinion this was the beginning of the end. Liberals took over our country, and birthed a messed up ideaology of what is tolerable as far as the sexual movement, the political agenda and the way we are portrayed by the rest of the world goes.

The sexual thing has taken our country to a level of accepting and embracing the homosexual. I see men and women standing and applauding these people as heros when nthey "come out of the closet". Watch Rosie or Ellen Degenerate on TV and see how they are embraced. It makes me want to gag! We have U.S. Senators who are queer and we keep re-electing them, WTF???

The political agenda has now become nothing more than a thought that permeates "success". Spend millions to be elected to a half million dollar a year job, then become a millionaire in less than two years!!! Also, never give up your power and position even if you have to lie and cheat to keep it till you die. The majority of our elected officials are an embarrasment.

Because America has a conscience, we are perceived as weak, yet every frigging country that gets in trouble, either through war or disaster calls the good ole USA first for help, and we always oblige them. I was brought up to KNOW that you take care of those at home who are hurting first. I think we should pull out of the UN and ask some other country to host that mess.

I believe we should pull all troops back to America and post them on our borders, and let them hold a rifle in one hand and a sign in the other that says, "WE ARE FULL, GO HOME".

I pray for our country, but sometimes I truly believe we have gone past...............

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