Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ask Dr. Lou C. Furr

Knowlege Galore From The Nasty One........And Don’t Be So Serious!!!!!

Dr. Lou C. Furr,
Did they have Bike Nights back when you first started riding, and what did a beer cost back then?
Jake New Nomad

Hey Nomad Jake, what happened your ol throw you out......just kidding. Back in the 60’s until the beginning of the 90’s, EVERY night was bike night, because when we got off work (for those who had a job) everyone met at a local watering hole, and then preceded to other bars to enjoy our life style. That was back when bikers were disliked and considered scum....HaHaHa (man I miss those days), so we only hung out with our friends and brothers, without having to see PLASTIC!!!!! On the weekends we went camping or to swap meets, and stayed out all weekend. Everyone back then rode their scoots, no trailers, no campers, hell most didn’t even have tents, we just wrapped up in canvas tarps to keep the dew off. Of course if you did it right (partying) you didn’t worry about the dew or anything for that matter, you just crashed. Beer prices???? I remember buying a six pack for $0.99.

Hey Devil Man,
Are most bikers, including you, "anti cop"???
Signed, Sarge

Most bikers can smell bacon a mile away, and never really want to hang out with cops, but we all know that policemen are needed for structure. No I don’t think bikers are anti cop, just "anti harassment", which often times seem to be the norm from certain cops. It’s like with any profession, a few are assholes and seem to have to prove they are "on the job" and they do harass riders, and it’s usually the city kitties that do this, maybe a county cat once in awhile. The best thing to do is just bow down to them and make them feel important, take your ticket, whether it’s warranted or not and leave.

Dr. Arrogant Ass,
You seem to be hard on the newbies, what gives? I mean did you fall out of the womb riding?
Pissed in KS

Where do you work pissed? Maybe at a machine shop? A nurse? A truck driver? How would you feel if I came to your job and pushed my way right in and pretended I could do your job, though I can’t, you know just faking it. Maybe I could dress like you and talk like you and take over your position, though I know nothing about what you are or do. Would that piss you off? If I wanted to learn your job I would humble myself and come in and ask what I could do to learn your lifestyle. I would sit back and watch you perform (that’s how I learned to drive a car, by watching my Dad), and ask you to teach me the proper procedures on doing the job you had been doing for many years. To me it’s the same way in Bikerdom, you come in humble, not like you own the place, and learn protocol. The circle is always open for more good people, and humility goes a long way. And I wasn’t born I was created.

Dear Dr. Lou C. Furr,
When and where is your next outing. I want to meet you.
Bob from Daytona

Bob, I am everywhere that matters. I may be sneaking around Rossmeyers, watching you drink that Latta and paying full boat for accessories, then I may just follow you into an aftermarket store later that day, where you’re trying to whittle down the owner on some parts for your new bagger, just because he isn’t an official H-D dealer. Of course I will try to sneak into the mind of that independent shop owner and try to get him or her to jap slap yore ass back up the road for literally putting that hard working man down, with your "I don’t have to buy it here attitude......HaHaHa. Yeah, that’s where I’m at............watching out for the little man. I’m watching you Bobby!!!!

See you next month, and ride dangerously, so I can meet you sooner........HaHaHa.

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