Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Atta Boy!!!

THANK YOU LORD JESUS FOR SENDING US THE SWEET HOLY SPIRIT!!! I LOVE "ATTA BOYS", AND HERE IS ONE FROM A MAGAZINE ADVERTISER!!! Greetings Cochise! This is Brad from the Junkyard Saloon. I noticed the Junkyard Saloon ad in the mag and I wanted to thank you for that, so, Thanks! But that's not the main reason I'm contacting. I wanted to tell you that the most moving, important and exciting thing I've ever read outside of the Bible was in your mag. I sat down on the crapper with your mag at 4am in the bar alone, taking a break from my cleaning duties. I saw a lengthy article and started reading it, Prophecy through Gary Carpenter. When I realized how serious it was, I wiped, washed and sat at the table to finish reading. I teared up just about after every paragraph. I praised and thanked Him. I was able to relate to the folks in biblical times that were blessed to be in the presence of true prophecy. I felt like Jesus was speaking straight to me! He was/is present in those words. Just amazing. So, I wanted to congratulate you for heeding Gods call and printing that article. You have no idea how happy I was to read that. It was like walking 30 miles of desert and coming up on Wet N' Wild! It was just what I needed to prepare to take the next step. What's the next step? Not sure yet, but I know what I must do to find out. Anyway, if tons of other folks are pissed at that article, at least you know you got me. I will be passing it onto other folks. Your Brother in Christ, -Brad

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