Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh The Pain I Feel!!!!

I hear people speak of REVIVAL, as if all we have to do is ask God to send it and it will come. That's not going to happen. II Chronicles 7:14 gives us insight to revival, but that's not all it's going to take. It's going to take a priesthood of true believers to usher in or carry on their shoulders the presence of the Lord (the Ark), not in some building we call a "church", but into our cities, our towns and our homes. Who is willing to give it ALL up (the love of this world) to carry the burden of revival. Who is willing to get under the load and start walking? I hear people say they are going to start a church!!!! You can't start the church, because it was started over 200 years ago. You may start an idea of some form of doctrine you have built up in your mind, and get people to come hear you, but that's not church. There is only ONE church in my town, and that's the fellowship of faithful, true believers, and four walls cannot hold it nor contain it. We don't start "new" churches, we enlarge what Jesus started when He sent the Holy Spirit to 120 believers in Acts 2:1. God is not pleased with our "slacking" in enlarging His work. Who really gets the glory when we do see someone get "right" with Him? Really? Oh wretched me!!! I see just how wretched and unworthy I really am when I compare myself to the One who paid the ultimate price for us all. Who do we compare ourselves to daily? Another preacher, another Christian, lost people? God help us, as the body of believers don't even know who their enemy really is. They think it's the Baptist, the Methodist, the Pentecostals and the other lop sided doctrinal franchises, (and don't pull that interdenominational or non denominational card out on God, as He knows, as others, that that is just a smoke screen, and especially those of us who call ourselves "Full Gospel" churches, That's a person leading a church that says "You believe like me, or hit the door"). Write it down, REVIVAL will come from Heaven, when the church gets right, for that is where the judgement must begin. Hatred, jealousy, envying, disagreements, dogma, one sided doctrine, hurt feelings...........must be dealt with in the church, among believers first, before God will ever answer our prayers for a healing and a spiritual awakening. ~ Cochise

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