Thursday, January 3, 2013

More From Face Book

Jason Having a rough time but I've decided to make some changes to better my life and accept god into it to try and guide me to be a better person 9:03pm Cochise Chops Man, I just mentioned to my prayer partner on the phone, not less than 30 minutes a go, about us meeting and we just prayed for you. Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable........that's the God I serve. Religion SUCKS, but a relationship through Christ ROCKS!!! God is working on us a place to have a "REAL" Set Free Church even as I type this.........and then the rest will fall into place!!! 9:05pm Jason I appreciate it buddy and yea I might not understand alot of how it works it or how he does things but it's a start for me 9:06pm Cochise Chops I got your back and willing to teach you and others................I need a good man like you around me. 9:07pm Jason As do I I'm making positive moves for me and only moving forward 9:08pm Cochise Chops Amen!!! I have wanted for months to invite you to my home and just hang out with can ask my wife, she'll tell you, that I have said..................I want to have Jason over.

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