Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Sis!

Update on my sister, Suanne. The mass in her throat is what they refer to as stage 3, but 3 doctors say even though it is cancerous, that it appears to have not spread, and they are trying to reduce it with chemo and radiation to the point they will not have to operate. The trach is causing her some difficulties. She got choked one day this week, and lost her oxygen and passed out, hitting her head on the sink, causing a huge hemoglobin to form, and stopping her from getting the 1st radiation treatment, though she is doing chemo now. This news, though saddens me, is good news. With this thing being wrapped around her vocal cords, surgery would be risky on her ever talking again. She can't now, but praying she will after the shrinkage. Please keep the faith with us. We don't have to beg God to met her needs, He knows, we just need to have BIG Faith in this. So to ALL my friends, whether believers or not, please just keep on with what you're doing for her, prayers, good thoughts/vibes or whatever you do. I, and I know she does, appreciate it. Big Love!!!

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