Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TV Preachers

You can not tell me that if a man or a women has to get up on television and beg for money that that is of God. If a person's ministry is legit, God will provide all his needs according to His riches in glory.

I'm embarrassed for some of these people, don't get me wrong, I'd love to have the opportunity to share my testimony on National TV, but to beg and sell, it just makes them look weak, and it weakens the new Christians faith, and causes the lost to doubt the power and Word of our Great God.

I also believe that those people who own these TV stations, that allow this begging and who beg themselves, while living in multi-million dollar homes, WILL HAVE to stand before Him over this nonsense.

Am I wrong or did Jesus say to Judas, "The poor shall always be with you."? This feel good prosperity preaching is a slap in the face to the preachers of old. Can you imaging D L Moody standing in front of thousands, and saying, just feel good about your self and think positive, and God will give you thousands of dollars, as He wants you to prosper. Does prospering mean rich in this world's goods? Of course not, and besides that, Jesus said to lay up treasures in Heaven not here on earth.

Whether you agree or not, it doesn't matter. Cause the only thing I want you to feel good about is your salvation, and that you have made Jesus 100% your Lord.

Cochise "Mini Church Pastor"


Dan said...

I agree but remember what Paul spoke in Philippians :)

Cochise said...

Not for sure wish part of Phillipians, but I know that these mega church pastor's begging has severely crippled the local church. Like David Platt said, the greatest church leader of all time, Jesus, had the smallest Church at the time. Phil 4:13 God bless and thanks for the input~ Cochise

Dan said...

Oh man I forgot to put where, Phil 1:18.
Thanks for all you do to reach the lost.

Cochise said...

Great verse. I also think of when James & John the brothers wanted to call down fire on the ones doing things in the name of Jesus, but the problem is with these cats (TV Preachers) is that new believers watch them and it brings confusion, about the local assembly of believers. They don't want you tithing in the church, rather send it to them. And I still don't think God wants His called out people to beg. He said stay wherever you are accepted, eat what they give you, etc.

God Bless you Dan and that is a good verse. Thanks ~ Cochise

Cochise said...

P.S. Thank you for the compliment.