Tuesday, May 6, 2008

If We Lose This War In Iraq

It won't be like Viet Nam, and just go away. We can't come home with heads hanging low and admit we were over our head in this one, and just let those people get back to what they were doing before we went there, because what they were doing was doing everything within their power to exterminate us, the infidels.

If we stop in the middle of this thing before we erase these radical killers, and pull the troops, those idiots will only follow them here and continue trying to destroy us and our country. They are on a mission, and will not stop unless we stop them.

Think about it.

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slammedit said...

everytime i read your stuff its like listening to myself ... glad to find a like kind ... great minds and all that ha ! there is some serious consequences ahead if this country doesn't start paying attention ...