Thursday, May 1, 2008

Truckers & Fuel Prices & How To Stop This Nonsense

Truckers know what it will take to get these fuel prices down, but I doubt if it will ever happen because of all the suck asses (scared truckers) in the nation today. Though truckers tried to strike recently, the Prez said if they shut down a road, etc, that he would call out a mini Marshal Law against them.

Truth is they know what will bring this country to a halt, and it isn't slowing traffic nor going to Washington...................the answer???? Shut the tankers down (the trucks pulling the fuel tankers to the service station). If no one has fuel to sell, the US of A will come to a stand still.

I saw diesel today for $4.69 a gallon.................Regular gas was $3.59 at the same station.

Remember, if you are wearing it, eating it, driving it or living in it, a trucker made it possible.

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