Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let It Be Known That Barrack Hussein Obama

Will cause this country great harm, because of his lack of understanding of Foreign Policy. He thinks he can go over there in the Middle East and shuck and jive like Jesse Jackson did, and this war will go won't!!!!!

All three candidates are Liberals, but remember one thing, McCain knows and is on top of this Iraq war. As bad as I hate to vote for another Bushite, keep this in mind.


Nads said...

Iraq had no connection to 9/11, we got rid of Saddam, time to come home.
The longer the invasion of Iraq goes on the more terrorists we are creating.
I'm torn about whom to vote for, I guess I'll have to come a decision on the day of but maybe what this country needs is a revolutionary idea like having a black president.

slammedit said...

Iraq is infiltrated by terrorist from all over the world... sort of the all star terrorist breeding ground .... we are fighting them "over there" for a reason .... pull out and they will be here (growing terrorists is the job of fanatical muslims certainly not because we are at war with them , they have always been at war with us) they hate us "death to the infidel" is there sole purpose in life ...torn between two leftist and and mediocre republican ... you cant pull the lever for the dyke or the muslim you hold your nose and vote for the guy who will at least support our troops