Wednesday, May 25, 2011


When was the last time you were in Church? When was the last time you truly felt the Holy Spirit move? Or seen a moving of the Spirit? Didn't want the service to end? Someone saved? Someone broken before God? A simple rededication? Don't you get tired of "nothing" happening? Good grief Charlie Brown. do something exciting for a change! "RADICAL"!!!!!!!!!!

God never called us to sit quietly and calmly in the pew of a dead organization! He said as you go, make disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!!! Have you been doing this or seen anyone else practicing this command from Jesus? Get RADICAL!!!

Jesus is coming back for His Bride, the True Church, not some dead dormant people, but those who are ALIVE IN CHRIST!!!! RADICAL!!!!

Hook up with a ministry that's doing something that can't be explained away by man!!!

Big Love, Cochise A.K.A. "A Known Bible Thumper!!!"

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Joesette said...

Hey Jim! Great post! Glad I found your blog.

Here's a link to a recent post of mine that goes along with it.

Give a hug to Bianca for me!

(aka "Nelson's Sister)